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Anastasia Edwards is an award-winning SAG Russian-American Actress appearing on NCIS Hawaii (CBS), Little America (Apple TV), ChicagoFire (NBC), The Catch (Amazon Prime),Crisis (NBC)  to name a few .Recent film credits include "Trick and Treats" (starring Malcolm McDowell) coming to theaters this fall, romantic drama “Tin Man”( Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival*official selection), psychological drama “Vessel" ("Outstanding Actress" award at the Windy City International Film Festival) .

When I started my acting journey in the US, I was pretty full of myself. Due to my classical acting training and work experience in TV and national commercials in Russia ,St. Petersburg ( my home  country), I thought that all I needed is to get an agent and auditions will come...  no big deal:) 

I had NO IDEA how this industry works, where to get started or who to ask for an advice.

Soooo…I went on google and found a bunch of SCAMS😭😭😭

After  wasting  thousands of dollars on acting showcases and casting websites (that don’t list any legit auditions),  I’ve realized that it’s not that simple and if I want to have a shot at building a professional acting career, I need to MASTER the BIZ side of acting⭐️⭐️⭐️

After taking a lot of acting classes, I was confident in my craft and in my skills as an actor however the business side of acting was a complete mystery to me.


How do I transition from a good actor to a WORKING ACTOR!? That IS the question:)

After a lot of ups and downs, I finally felt in control of my career and was able to build my resume, partner with amazing reps in multiple markets and professionally work in TV/Film.  

I want to help actors just like YOU navigate the biz side of acting and get you to the next level of your acting career, whether that is getting an agent, booking your first co-star on a TV show, getting in the union or getting more work! 

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