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I was referred to Ana.

She was very concise, to the point, and did not hold back in telling me what I needed to hear in order to keep moving forward.

She laid out each specific step that I could take to put my package together in an attractive, professional way. Now I am more confident in putting myself out there.

Do yourself a favor and take out a big chunk of the guesswork.

Jordan Getty

The session with Ana took me to a point of shear excitement. 

Ana is extremely knowledgeable in her field and exhibits excellence in her presentation.

I felt like a sponge soaking up her correction, guidance, and direction. 

I am extremely happy about our new relationship, that I feel, will help to catapult me to the next level of my career. 

Way to go Ana! I look forward to working with you on a continued basis. 

Caroline Jean Pope

Ana is great to work with.

She goes through all your materials and tells you exactly what you are missing.

Sometimes you need that clarity to get you kicked off in the right direction.

That's what Ana did for me. With great examples, she not only helped confirm what I needed to do but be specific.

You won't go wrong with her. 

Pearl Paramadilok

I feel so much more educated on what I need as an actor to be competitive and book roles in major markets.

I even understand how to get on casting directors' radars and form relationships with them for any show I may be interested in. 

I’ve learned their is definitely information that isn’t just out there in this industry.

I will definitely be meeting with her for future consultation.

Samuel Turner

I had no clue how to break into the industry.

Ana showed me there are pathways to the opportunities that I am looking for and helped me realize that they’re within reach.

She helped me puzzle together what it will take to move forward with my career and laid out steps for me to follow.

I  highly recommended Ana.

Mitchell Jay

If you are looking for someone competent, professional, with tons of experience in the business, yet caring and kind…Ana is the answer.

I loved her approach to the craft: straight forward, honest, but tactful.
She knows what she is talking about. 

Ana took time studying my materials, she dissected and analyzed them explaining clearly what was missing and what had to be modified. 

Highly recommend!

Elisa Marti

Coming to Ana for a consultation, no matter where you are in this journey, is one of the best things any actor can do.

She has an eagle eye for detail.

She'll solidify the mortar between the bricks of your actor castle.

The incredible good she's doing for actors is something that everyone should take advantage of.

Danny Schaefer

If you are an actor who feels like they have a lot to learn or gets overwhelmed, Ana will help you out.

She did such an amazing job at motivating me, getting me to be reflective and insightful, and giving me objective opinions on my materials.

She will tell you what needs to be done and give you advice, but she'll also help you realize what you want and why you want it.

Her input is so enormously valuable.

Andrew Cawley

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