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3 Branding Pillars I wish I Knew

"Learn how to be the best vegetable you can be and stop trying to be the whole salad.” Roy London

(actor&acting coach)

We do these amazing parts in acting classes that stretch our range and make us feel invincible.Community theaters make us feel like we can play 80 year old grandmas at any age😅

And then we enter the real world…..



We always hear casting say to us during auditions :

Let us see you!

Just show us who you are!

And we think to ourselves..

What? I’ve developed this awesome character to show my ACTING and prove to you that I can do it all and you want me to just be myself!?

This is typically a turning point for an actor…

Do I keep banging on the close door?

Do I quit?


Do I embrace my strengths and the way the industry perceives me and finally GET IN the door, start making money with what SELLS and THEN once they get to know me and my work, show them my versatility and range.

I don’t know about you, but I like the last option better:)

So let’s talk about Branding and Types:

There is difference between your BRAND and your TYPES.

Your brand is essentially your MESSAGE, your PROMISE and your main ESSENCE.

Think of your brand as an UMBRELLA where your main types live:)

Let’s say your TYPE is a young love interest..(that's general)

Your branding helps DEFINE that type:

sexy edgy manipulative girlfriend or a bubbly, naive, sweetheart girl next door

Don’t tell me you can do them both.

Tell me which one could be your MAIN SELLER.

Which one comes effortless and which one feels more like YOU?

Branding is 3 dimensional and you have to consider all 3 points in order to find a perfect sweet spot.

1. How are you being perceived? People judge you the minute you walk in the door or open your mouth. You can’t fake your true essence and energy, so it’s best to get familiar with the way its being perceived.

2. What do you know about yourself? Deep down we all know who we are. We know our insecurities, strengths, beliefs, etc. All of that data you know about yourself already is a crucial piece to your branding clarity.

3. What types of stories do you want to tell? What kind of projects do you see yourself on and want to build your career around? This is long term vision piece of your branding, so that you are connected to the bigger and deeper purpose that's aligned with your branding.

Your branding has to be consistent. Your pictures, videos, website, social media, marketing tools, cover pitch....the list goes on...

All have to send the SAME message, CLEAR & CONSISTENT branding, so that it doesn’t CONFUSE the viewer/buyer, but helps them UNDERSTAND you and know EXACTLY where to cast you.


You can get professional help to find your personal brand and types.

I love helping actors find their personal brand and types. It’s honestly one of my favorite parts of career coaching. The freedom, clarity and excitement you'll feel when you can finally have a clear vision for your career and how you fit in and being able to communicate your brand with confidence to industry folks in a genuine way, is truly incredible!

If you are struggling with branding, let’s figure it out.



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