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The list of tips on how to better prep and pick the right monologue


A lot of us had to submit a monologue for the  virtual open calls  that were happening recently (and still are, let me know if you didn’t receive a link) and a lot of you who are looking to get an agent would have to prep a monologue as well!

Sooo here is the list of tips on how to better prep and pick the right monologue :

  • Stay away from famous movie/play monologues! Casting/agents would immediately start comparing you with the original actor playing that character, which you don’t want. And most likely they heard it a bajillion times and are probably sick of it!😂

  • Avoid monologues where you are reminiscing about something that happened to you or someone else back in a day. Typically It reads more flat and boring as you are not living through it this exact moment and  it’s more of a distant memory. It’s much more dynamic and interesting if you are in a conversation/dialogue with another actor. Reacting in real time where you are taking the viewer on the roller coaster of emotions right with you!  example: “ Stop! I am tired of your BS” instead of “ I remember when I was little, I was always scared of darkness”. 

  • Have an arc! There has to be a beginning/middle/end. The character has to go through a transformation/change. Make sure it doesn’t sound one note!

  • Keep it short. Typically a minute or less is best. They know within the first few seconds if they believe you and want to see more. Have a great opening moment and by the end leave them wanting more instead of wanting you to end your monologue 😂

  • Make sure it fits YOU! Can you honestly be cast as that character? Age range? Look? Personality etc. Know your TYPE and play into it as well as the market that you are in.

  • Care about what your character in a monologue is going through instead of  what an agent/casting director is thinking. If you are going through a divorce in your monologue, then that divorce should be the only thing that occupies your mind, nothing else! 

And last but not least HAVE Fun with it! 

Let me know if you have any questions! 

Stay safe and sane❤️

Much love, 




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