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While so much of the acting industry is on hold( Broadway, regional theaters, TV shows, etc) and everything is getting out of control….This is a great time to PREP for busy times and focus on what you CAN control😎💪🏻

Here are my tips | to do list for actors during Social Distancing: 👇🏻

  • Catch up on TV shows that you want to book, that fits your type and your market. Figure out who is casting, directing and working the shows and make a PLAN of attack:)📺

  • Self tapes practice! Is your self tape game on point? Self taping auditions has become an industry standard for Film & TV. In southeast market for example 80% of auditions are booked off of a self-tape. Some casting offices are doing virtual open calls

  • Get your online marketing tools in order: IMDB, Actors Access, Demo Reel, Website etc ✅

  • Get some online coaching! Here are some ideas: Dialect coaching? Type consultations?

  • Build relationships. I know it sounds weird, how can you build relationships without face to face interaction? But so much of it is online now! Get involved in industry groups to learn, support each other( especially now) and stay in a healthy mindset.

Breath out, stay calm and utilize this time to grow as an actor and a person❤️


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